We are Non-Profit Organization Issues Experts

We enjoy a Real “Family Feeling” feeling with our clients

The Central theme that runs through our client work is “Service”, meeting the client objective

Making Sure You Have The Numbers You Need For Great Decisions

We have two areas of specialty, all things non-profit, and keeping the profit in the for-profit business. Whether your business is for-profit or non-profit, we make sure your business runs the way you want it to run. We ascertain the results you want and the strategies to get there. From there, we always have our eyes on the prize, being vigilant and monitoring for you.

We’re A Non-Profit Boutique

For years, we’ve specialized in handling all problems non-profit. This ranges from organization to dissolution and everything in between. Whether you’re a purely public company without regulatory requirements, or an entity with funding source requirements, we have the expertise to support your mission. Client companies typically have revenue in the $1-5 million range and less than $20 million. A unique service that we provide to non-profits is shepherding the funding process with you.

We Also Provide Full Services To The For-Profit Small Business

We serve our for-profit business clients and their Owners with a full menu of services. Whatever your business needs, we do it. We provide all the standard accounting and aim to keep you profitable and growing. In addition, many clients come to us for various other services. Whether it’s decision specific analysis, strategic planning, passing on generational wealth, ending a business relationship or preparing taxes. We can provide the service.

These are The Kinds of Problems We Solve for Non-Profits

As a non-profit specialist, we bring unique expertise to your non-profit issues.

We work with you to get and manage funding, keep youregulatory-compliant, professionalize your accounting, and maximize tax advantages. Here are in-depth descriptions of how we help non-profits.

As Director you’re responsible for ensuring that your organization is meeting its operating objectives. The mission is why your entity exists, and your job is to fulfill that mission. You’re concerned with program delivery and not with the nuts and bolts of accounting. You want to ensure that the organization stays functional, you meet audit requirements for funding, and you get advice about best practices. You want to feel confident when reporting to the board.

Your non-profit needs assistance to identify, acquire and managepotentially available resources. Your mission is to serve the under-served, and that takes funds and other types of resources. Yet, your organization lacks in-house expertise to identify and secure them for you. You’re looking for someone with the right information and background to guide you through the process.

As an Executive Director of a non-profit, you recognize the critical nature of reporting and regulatory issues. Without appropriate monitoring, your organization’s operating charter could be suspended. The Franchise Tax Board or other tax entityor could shut you down. That would leave the population you serve without your services. You could potentially spend months or years in reviving your charter. Volunteer board members don’t know what’s required, and you want certainty and security.

Your organization’s accountant is college trained—but not in accounting. This leaves you uneasy and unsure. You fear that the books aren’t kept in conformance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). You’ve had recurring issues where W2’s don’t get out on time, payroll reports aren’t done timely, and 1099’s don’t get done. You’re no accountant, and don’t want to keep track of these things. You need a professional to clean up the books and manage ongoing accounting.

You understand that tax credits and other taxation incentives could benefit your non-profit. Potentially, proper tax management could move your organization from surviving to thriving. You want to make the most of tax incentives in service to the general public. It’s simply a matter of working smart and efficiently and maximizing what’s available. As a steward of the public trust, you feel committed to managing at this level.

These are The Kinds of Problems We Solve for For-Profit Clients

For our for-profit business clients, we provide an array of services.

We help you get control of your business, work with you on valuation issues, or deal with estate management issues. Here is a description of some of the types of problems we can help you solve.

Your business feels out of control because accounting information is piled up and undone. You don’t get the information you need to know when you need it. You don’t know what’s happening in your business. Information is not accurate, timely and relevant for you to make the decisions you need to make. This means that your required regulatory reports are “iffy” at best. Taxes are always a crunch because the numbers aren’t ready on time. You feel uncertain and uninformed way too much of the time.

You’re involved in a conflict about assets, and want an equitable parting of the ways. Whether it is business partners, siblings, or husband and wife, you value fairness and preservation of relationships. You need help with the complex calculations determining how responsibilities and contributions impact value. You want to use current professional standards that govern valuation determination. It’s important that all parties feel the settlement is a win.

You have a need for valuation related to the transfer of property. This might be because the founder of a company is stepping down or has passed on. A new generation is stepping up, but harmony depends on an equitable resolution of valuation issues. Partners—marital and/or business—need to come to agreement on asset valuation for buyout or division purposes. Grandparents might set up a trust to skip a generation passing on assets and the generation skipped takes exception.

As the trustee of an estate, you need professional help with estate accounting practices. You, the attorney, need assistance in determining distribution of annual trust income or trust assets. A trust is terminating and you need final accounting for the dissolution. You require ongoing estate accounting for a trust in perpetuity.

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We Enjoy A Real “Family Environment” With Our Clients

These Are The Kinds Of Clients We Tend To Attract

We have many clients, but it does seem that there are common character traits among them. It could be because we just seem to attract people who value community, justice and fair play in their dealings. These are the kinds of people we work with.

  • You are compassionate about service to the community and the wellbeing of others. Making a difference is a primary objective of your life. You’re concerned with helpingunder-served and vulnerable populations of society. You want to fulfill a mission and need for the operation of your organization to support its viability.
  • Integrity is high on your list of values. You’re a person who walks your talk. You consistently do what you say you’re going to do. Trustworthiness is something you’re known for.
  • You’re a planner, and a planner with a track record of successfully executing those plans. You like to take an orderly, logical approach, efficiently deploying resources. When it comes time to create a new project, you want to plan it out in advance. “Seat of the pants” isn’t your style.
  • You’re a creative thinker and problem solver, and known for open-mindedness. You seek creative solutions, and you’re open to suggestions and new systems. Being a critical thinker, you’re looking for efficiencies. You especially want fiscal efficiencies that leave more money to accomplish your mission. You don’t want to expend a lot of resources to get an outcome. One word that describes the way you operate is “smooth”—even when the path is unclear, or you have to carve your own path.
  • Though “doing good” drives you, you’re also adamant about your own health and welfare. You recognize that living a balanced life is as important to the success of your mission as the work you do. You’ve come to terms with the destructive nature of overly ambitious self-sacrifice. Healthy food, exercise, good health, and meaningful relationships are all part of your life.

Where To Next?

Now you have an idea about the kinds of clients we work with and the kinds of challenges they face. To learn the details of how we work, our values and the kinds of results you could get, click on How We Work.