(CFO For Hire)

Why The Name?

The sky is open, expansive and unlimited. It’s boundless and without limitation or obstructions.
This is the wide open feeling we want for your business.

Your Business Makes Good Money, But Your Quality of Life Doesn’t Match

You’re Tired Of That “Lone Ranger”, Do-It-All-Myself Bit

You’re an entrepreneur who provides highly paid professional services. Your business has revenue in the range of $1-50 million. You provide medical, dental, architectural, accounting, or design services. You might own an insurance agency, or be a builder, contractor, or provide construction trades. You’re an attorney, professional athlete, or in charge of a trust or estate. The commonality is that you and your business are growth-oriented and you’re busy doing highly paid work.

You need someone in your corner to ensure that you’re always making the right decisions. Your business is profitable and growing, but your time is completely committed to earning money. You’re always hopping to keep the business growing and to bring in new clients. You want to be sure you’re getting the strategic and tax advice you need when you need it. You really want a CFO, but the business finances don’t yet support that kind of investment.

A Main Reason You’re In Business For Yourself Is To Have Freedom…

But Sometimes, You Feel Imprisoned By The Business

Being an entrepreneur has its inherent challenges, but you’d never choose anything else. It’s a great feeling when the money is rolling in and you’re bringing in new business. That’s always exciting, but you start to feel weary and sometimes a little resentful. These are the most critical issues you’re dealing with.

You want to spend your time making money in the business rather than managing the money of the business. As it is now, you spend way too much time figuring out what’s going on in your business. It’s a constant stress and you worry about the validity of some of your decisions. Sometimes you have “what if” questions you’d like to be able to bounce off a CFO. You’ve spent hours researching answers and know what a rabbit hole that research can be.

You know exactly where you want to take the business, but what you’re doing won’t get you there. You’re smart, but with so many distractions, strategic activities are neglected. You look at the money coming in and it looks really good, but you don’t always feel like you have a handle on it. You look ahead and think, “I can’t go on like this. This is not how I want to operate.”

You have no time to have a life or to spend quality time with your family or on yourself. When you’re not working, you’re in the office making sure all your hard work doesn’t go down the drain. Fighting fires, and dealing with cash flow questions and making sure you get paid consumes your energy. When Friday rolls around, you know you’ll be in the office day and night. Worse still, you’ll probably be back again on Saturday and maybe Sunday as well.

When You Think About Your Business…

This Is How You’d Like Things To Be

You didn’t go into business for yourself so you could be a stressed out misinformation.
You wanted independence, freedom and to chart your own course. Once we’ve worked together, these are the outcomes you can expect to have.

You’re spending your time making money in the business rather than managing the money of the business. On any given day, you know what’s going on in your business. You’re no longer stressed or worried about the validity of your decisions. When you have “what if” questions, you’ve got a CFO to talk over those questions and find your answers. You’ve hired the expertise you need without blowing all the profit out of the business.

You’re on the road to taking your business exactly where you want.Even when distractions come up, your strategic activities are getting handled for you. Now when you look at the money coming in, you always feel like you have a handle on it. You look ahead and think, “WOW! What a difference it made getting help to change the way I operate.”

You have time to have a life with quality family time and personal time. Now, when it’s time to go home, you get to go home, secure that everything’s handled. You’re actually present to your family, your life and your own self.
You still fight fires at times, but someone else is handling cash flow questions and getting you paid. When Friday rolls around, you can take off and enjoy life. You actually have real weekends again.

Perhaps Having The Support Of A CFO When You Need It

Would Transform Your Business And Your Life

In this program, you no longer have to figure out all the complexities of growth-driven decisions alone. Once we understand your objectives, together we create the strategies that will best get you there. Your business is monitored, so we stick to the plan and stay on track.

We ensure that your organization is nimble enough to make the moves that best meet changing conditions. Sometimes economic conditions change and your plan needs to change in response. You have the security that even if the business climate changes, your business is still functioning as you want. You are fully informed about the implications of a changing business climate and about the decisions you need to make. You’re not blindsided, and there are no surprises.

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You May Be Wondering How This Program Is Unique Or Different

Let’s Talk About A Few Things That Distinguish This Program From Simple CPA Services

If you’re looking to add financial expertise to your team, you want to know how this program is different.
After all, there are plenty of CPA’s in the world. Here are all the unique features of this program that set it apart from CPA services.

  • You have an expert who works with you in an advisory capacity. You get ongoing advice aimed at achieving your stated goals. You want things to happen in a very specific way and that becomes our objective as well.
  • We stay focused on strategic planning and execution of those plans. We “get down in the trenches” for you to make it happen. We’re talking about where you want to go and how we can best get you there. We’re presenting options, and together we decide what is the best, most efficient, and most profitable way to achieve your results.
  • We literally monitor your business results for you. Your financials are routinely monitored and you get regular feedback about the progress of all initiatives. You always know the answers to those questions, “Are we getting there? Are we headed the right direction?”
  • We believe it’s our job to take the worry out of your business.We’d feel like a failure if you still had those constantly nagging feelings of being out of control and anxious. We want to partner with you to eliminate that feeling that your business has taken over your life. You might even hear me saying to you, “We don’t allow our clients to worry.”
  • Our goal is to deliver breakthroughs along with our CFO services. When you don’t want to continue on the path you’ve been on, we work with you to examine other paths and other options.
  • As we work together, your operating plan is driven by a strategic plan. I’m monitoring both plans for you, according to the strategy we’ve laid out together. Decisions are made along strategic lines, not simple operational necessity.
  • I’m going to treat your business like it’s my business. If we’re not working our strategy, I’ll call you on it—politely and inquisitively. We’re going to talk about it, assess what’s going on, and do what is needed to tweak the strategy.

Your Business Isn’t Big Enough to Have A Chief Financial Officer

But You Need The Advisory Capacity Of A Chief Financial Officer

The program itself is simple and straightforward. There’s not a lot of complexity. Basically, we assess what you need, deliver what you need, then monitor the business in a maintenance phase.

Phase 1: Assessment Interview And Analysis—1-2 Months

We start off with a 1-2 hour Assessment Interview. We speak in depth about what it is we’re going to do together. We talk about what you need and what I’m going to provide. We dig deep so that I understand your business and any problems. Out of that meeting, we come up with an engagement letter that outlines the project and defines what our relationship is going to be. We’re off and running once the engagement letter is signed.

My next step is to take the information I’ve gained and discuss with my staff how we can best serve you as a client. We’re bound by professional ethical standards of confidentiality and integrity. Be assured that we are always honoring our accountant client privileges. We brainstorm and work on how we can get you to your objectives. From this meeting, we come up with recommendations for your business.

In about a week after the first interview, we have a second interview again for 1-2 hours. We nail down objectives, timeline and metrics. We lay out a program specifically designed for your business. We work together to tweak the details until we come up with a robust customized plan.A road map to success is the result of the second interview.

By the third meeting, we’re beginning to implement what we’ve decided in the prior meetings. In a 30-60 day period, you can expect to already see change. This is not a program where we talk about making a difference in your business. It’s a program to make a difference in your business.

Phase 2: System Construction and Implementation—Approximately Six Months

In this phase, we’re perfecting the systems that handle your business activities. Just like a CFO, we’re working on the flow of the business. We’re streamlining production, how you get money, how you market, how you pay your bills, and how you manage operations.

This isn’t something that occurs so rapidly that your business is disrupted. Changes are introduced gradually and phased in according to YOUR strategic plan. We look at how to streamline operations, bringing more profit to your bottom line. We go at your speed—and the speed that is right to grow your business and meet your objectives.

From the information you provide, we prepare financial statements that become an operating baseline. This gives us the metric to measure ongoing performance and results of the program. Periodic routine financial reporting keeps you informed of progress. As needed, you also get special reports and status updates on what we’ve accomplished.

When needed, I act as your CFO to help get financing, funding support, or to deal with cash flow problems. If you’ve held off on expanding or growing because of cash concerns, I’ll show you the numbers you need to make decisions. I’ll also provide the financials you need to get funds for expansion.

Phase 3: Operating Assessment And Maintenance—Ongoing

At the 6 month point, we can see measurable results. Once we’ve started achieving objectives, we go into the maintenance stage. Together we review operating results and determine any necessary strategic changes to stay on track to achieve your desired outcome.

Essentially, this phase becomes a monitoring exercise, with tweaks as needed. You’ve developed momentum and are getting results. Quarterly and annually, we sit down for an hour and review objectives,strategies and results.

You May Be Reading This Wondering, “Is This Right For Me?”

Here’s A Little More Information To Help You Decide

You’re considering various options for the next stage of growing your business. You’ve probably got 2-3 possibilities in mind already. Let me give you a few more criteria to consider to see if this program is a fit for you or not.

  • You have a big vision for your business and you’re looking for improved financial results. You’re committed to do what it takes to get to your stated objectives. You don’t let obstacles get in the way.
  • Your business is in that stage of growth where you need a CFO, but can’t afford a full-time hire yet. You do have the resources (money and people) and commitment galore to achieve your objectives.
  • You’re stability-oriented and looking for a long-term relationship. You consider the growth you want to be a mid- to long-term project. You want a solid practitioner you can trust for years to come.
  • Undeterred is your “middle name”. You could be the poster child for focused perseverance.
  • You recognize that some changes are going to be required. You want to be sure you make the best changes possible, minimizing disruption. You’re committing willingness and adaptability.
  • You value a relationship of mutual appreciation for expertise on both sides. You have a willingness not only to listen, but also to engage in straight talk.

Sign Up For The “Big Sky Breakthrough” Exploratory Session

We offer a free 45-Minute session to a few highly qualified potential clients. This service is for business owners who are already successful and ready for exponential growth.

This Consultation Is For You If…

  • You have a vision for expanding your business and need advisory capacity.
  • You want to speak about having CFO services for hire.
  • You want to focus on bringing in revenue and new business and get help with your financials.
  • You’re ready to have a life again—outside work.

If This Is You, You’re Invited to Schedule A Consultation

If you want to learn how to have a business that delivers all of this, we invite you into consultation. To request a free “Big Sky Breakthrough” Exploratory Session, Click on this link to schedule.

About Your Free Consultation:

During this consultation, we look at your business situation. We examine your goals and challenges, and give you focused, strategic business advice. You also get a recommendation on the best next step for you based on where you are now. You’ll leave the call with clarity about your next step to develop a strategy that delivers the business results you want.

Specifically, This Is What You Can Expect From The Session

  • We create a sense of clarity about the future you want to have for your business.
  • We find out the essential building blocks for achieving the business breakthrough you want.
  • You complete the consultation with the excitement of knowing EXACTLY what you can do next to take your business to the future you envision.

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