Tailored Accounting Solution For Your Non-Profit Organization

Selecting An Accountant Means—Ideally—Choosing A Long-Term Relationship

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You Want To Understand What Working With Us Is Like

Making a choice among accountant candidates can feel a little scary. After all, this person will become intimately familiar with the truth about your finances. That’s almost as important a decision as choosing a spouse. There are similarities between these two choices as to degree of familiarity and looking for a good long-term fit. It’s important to feel confident about your choice.
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These Are The Kinds Of Results You Can Expect To Get From Working With Us

We Provide Non-Profits Results Specifically Tailored To Their Needs

As a non-profit specialist, we bring unique results to your entity. We become part of your team to get and manage funding. You can depend on us to keep you compliant, bring professionalismto your accounting, and maximize tax advantages. Here are in-depth descriptions of the kinds of results non-profits get from working with us.

As Director,your focus remains on fulfilling your mission. Program delivery gets your full attention. You have us handling the nuts and bolts of accounting. Your organization is not only functional but thriving. You meet all audit requirements for funding, and get advice about best practices. You’re confident when reporting to the board because you can speak with assurance about your financials.

Your non-profit and our firm work as a team to identify, acquire and manageresources that may be available. Your non-profit has the funding needed to serveits clients.Now, you have the equivalent of in-house expertise to identify and secure funding and other resources. You’ve got an expert working with you—one who has the right information and background to guide you through getting funded.

As a non-profit Executive Director, you’reconfident that reporting and regulatory issues are tightly managed. You don’t worry about monitoring or maintaining your organization’s operating charter. The Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board (or any other regulatory body) gets what they need when they need it. You rest easy knowing that you have an expert handling those issues for you. You and your volunteer board members are advised about what’s required. That gives you certainty and security.

Your organization’s accountant has been a CPA for over 27 years—working with non-profits. You know that your books are kept in conformance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Gone are the days where you had to worry about W2’s, payroll reports or 1099’s being late. You don’t need to be an accountant. We keep track of these things for you. Your books are clean and accurately represent your organization’s activities.

Your non-profitis getting full benefit of all allowable tax credits and other taxation incentives. You have a trusted adviser recommending proper tax management for a non-profit. That’s moved your organization from surviving to thriving. It’s made a big difference in your freedom to service the needs of your target population. You’re working smart and efficiently—maximizing what’s available. It’s a great feeling to be a steward of the public trust, and to manage at this level.

These Are The Kinds Of Results We Provide For For-Profit Clients

For our for-profit business clients, we provide a unique set of services.

We specialize in strategic planning to put you in charge of your business decisions. We help you solve the full range of reporting, monitoring and valuation issues and solve various estate accounting issues. Here are some of the results you can expect to get from working with us.

Your business feels well managed because you have timely accounting information. You know what you need to know to make decisions when they must be made. You’re clear about what’s happening in your business. Information is accurate, timely and relevant at all times. Required regulatory reports are submitted on time. Taxes are always handled smoothly. You feel certain and informed every working day.

The conflict about assets has been settled and you have an equitable parting of the ways. Whether it is business partners, siblings, or husband and wife, you’ve been fair and that’s preserved the relationships. You’ve had expert help with the complex calculations determining how responsibilities and contributions impact value. All parties are at ease that current professional standards have governed the determination of valuation. The settlement is a win for all sides.

You’ve gotten a fair valuation related to transfer of property. Partners—marital and/or business—have come to agreement on asset valuation for buyout or division purposes. Succession from the founder has been secured with an equitable resolution of valuation issues. Grandparents have resolved issues in skipping a generation for the passing on of assets. Whichever of these thorny problems you started with, you are at peace now.

As the trustee of an estate, youhave professional help with estate accounting practices. You, the attorney, have hired expertise to determine distribution of annual trust income or trust assets. Whenterminating trusts, you have the help you needed for final accounting at dissolution. For a trust in perpetuity, you’ve gotthe required ongoing estate accounting.

When Considering An Ongoing Relationship With An Accountant…

You Want to Know Our Values And Guiding Beliefs

We’re a values-based business and want you to know what those values are. After all, if you’re going to consider trusting us to handle your financial accounting, you want to know who it is you’re trusting. These are some of the things that we stand for as individuals and as a company.

  • We use accounting to create leverage for our clients. Our mission is to use accounting to “do good” in the world. Whether it is tax law, grant money or personal satisfaction,we bring all our resources to accomplishing your mission. You may start off without much in the way of assets. We work to put you in a stronger financial position. Not only do we create hope in our clients, we also create the foundation for you to turn that hope into reality. You stay focused on your mission. We handle the accounting.
  • Compassion is a theme that runs through all our client work. It is exuded in the quality of our work and our commitment to our clients. We believe in creating long-term relationships by providing consistent advisory services along with accounting. We’re on your team and committed to stay the course with you. We don’t allow our clients to worry about accounting or tax issues.
  • We view contribution as an investment in community. When we do something or contribute something, we want to benefit the greater good.We’ve been servicing the tough underserved urban areassuch as Cleveland, OH,Oakland, CAand Richmond, CAfor 27 years. By working with individuals and entities who are about contribution, we increase our own contribution to the world. We see ourselves as “enablers” for others to contribute more fully.
  • Justice, harmony, and fairness govern the way we run our business. I feel a kind of protectiveness toward my clients and cannot tolerate unfairness. In times of perceived unfairness, I’m willing to step up. Sometimes we humans don’t feel like caring today, sometimes deadlines come and go. For instance, if an individual or organization is penalized because of inadvertent lapses, you can count on me to defend you. I’m a fixer.
  • When it comes to supporting our clients in their goals and objectives, we won’t be deterred. I’m always thinking of the next thing for you to do to go to the next level foryour business. I’m scanning the horizon and looking ahead. Rather than just being a hired gun, I’m someone who’s actually in your corner.

As You Consider CPA Candidates, Inevitably You Wonder…

What’s It Like To Work With This CPA?

There can be a big difference between your perceptions of a CPA and the working reality. What we want you to know is how we work and what we try to accomplish with every client. Here’s what you need to know about how we approach working relationships with clients.

  • We don’t just do accounting, we strive to truly understand your business and objectives. We get to know the person behind the entity, learning about what you really want to accomplish. We start off with an assessment interview and analysis. We examine your operating environment. We get the big picture rather than simply looking at the “after the fact” numbers. We develop a real one-on-one relationship and determine how best to serve you.
  • We work with you to develop a work plan and timeline to accomplish your objectives. Together, we determine how we can best contribute to the success of your organization. We lay out an agreed timeline to accomplish certain objectives that will strengthen your business.
  • We consider strategic planning to be an integral part of any work engagement. We keep your long-term objectives in mind, and constantly advise you about future needs. I anticipate where you want to go, and keep you looking to the future. You can count on me to steer you towards your stated objectives in a timely fashion.
  • For us, meeting timelines and deadlinesis critical. If you’re a non-profit, rest assuredthat you’re a top priority. We consider your work to beurgent and have the same importance as the work we do for for-profit entities. Your work will be completed as quickly as possible.

Where To Next?

Now that you know more about how we work, what results you can expect from working with us, our values, and unique aspects of our business, Click here to explore the services we provide.