Our skilled staff can investigate the related events and circumstances to provide a complete and factual analysis of the loss.

Our team at James P. Richardson CPA has vast experience in forensic accounting, which utilizes auditing, accounting, and investigative skills to examine a company’s financial statements.

It also provides an analysis that is suitable for court. It involves looking beyond the numbers and dealing with a company’s financial reality.

Our experts in forensic accounting provide these services to individuals, business, and members of the legal community. Our experience throughout the years includes identifying, analyzing, and interpreting financial and accounting data, thus producing an opinion. With our investigative skills and analytical abilities, as well as expert testimony experience, we can assist our clients in a variety of cases. These cases could include family law and divorce support, financial fraud, economic damages, and criminal investigations.

  • Family law
  • Divorce Settlement
  • Lease Review Services
  • Assistance for Claim Adjusters
  • Malpractice

Support During Litigation

The staff at James P. Richardson CPA can assist your counsel in understanding and unwinding a variety of financial and economic issues that can be at the heart of various disputes. With clear and valuable insight, our clients can benefit from our experience at every stage of a legal matter. This process includes case assessment and strategy, damages analysis, as well as settlement services for either defendants or plaintiffs.

Family Law or Divorce Support

In the case of a divorce or other family law matter, our team can provide expert witness testimony, business valuations, and forensic accounting for spousal and child support. At James P. Richardson CPA, our staff works to simplify the complex issues surrounding these matters, making it easy to understand for attorneys and the layperson.

Fraud Investigation and Consulting

There are a variety of risks and challenges related to doing business in today’s environment. With our professional services for fraud investigation, we can help you to determine methods to reduce your risk, as well as investigate any alleged misconduct. Our deterrence consulting can also help you to create procedures for addressing unusual financial activity.

Lease Review Services

Another part of our team’s services involves analyzing commercial real estate leases, as well as conducting reviews regarding rent, operating expenses, and other maintenance expenses. As part of your tenant’s rights, you may have the option to analyze your landlord’s accounting, thus decreasing the likelihood of overcharges.

Additionally, this type of analysis can identify potential areas of financial savings. You may also be able to recoup funds that overpaid in the past to the landlord.

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Have questions regarding a claim? Our skilled staff can work with an insurer, claimant, or advisor to determine a claim’s value.

No matter if your business is growing or in need of assistance determining valuation, our forensic accounting experts can assist you throughout an investigation and analysis, using their skills and judgment to give you all the facts necessary. Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to provide the services that you need.

Contact our staff today for an evaluation of your needs and to determine how our forensic accounting services can benefit you, your family, or your company.

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