Charles Range is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of South Of Market Health Center(SMHC).

For over 40 years, SMHC has provided comprehensive high quality healthcare to medically underserved individuals and families in the South of Market community of San Francisco. SMHC provides a wide range of high-quality primary medical, disease prevention, dental and podiatry care. Pre-natal and well-baby care, patient education and outreach are also available.

What truly sets SMHC apart is HOW they deliver services—with sensitivity, respect and compassion.

Many clients have had difficulty accessing quality healthcare, and come to SMHC with multiple health problems. SMHC providers take the time to listen to clients and understand their values, beliefs and customs. Establishing a trusting relationship leads to consistent care. SMHC has a satellite clinic to serve the specific needs of seniors.

Their holistic approach includes treating the whole individual, not just their physical complaints.

In addition to providing medical care, they refer patients to variousagencies for substance abuse, mental health and social services.

Of course, the challenge of providing such high quality care is that it be done in a cost effective way.

SMHC must live within the grants they receive. Revenue to the organization comes from such grants and patient fees based on their ability to pay. They follow federal guidelines for sliding fee schedules to insure that all have access to care and are treated fairly, regardless of their economic status. Here’s the interview with Mr. Range, the CEO of SMHC.


Because of the type of income we get, our medical system faces considerable stress and many challenges.

We have to be very creative in our recruitment and retention of employees. It’s highly competitive in the health field, and our competitors have more to offer potential employees. Our saving grace is that we are able to recruit and retain good employees because of their dedication to our unique mission.

The truth is that, if we were not there, many of our clients would die or suffer long term health consequences.

What drives us is that our patients’ medical conditions could be resolved with reasonable medical attention. Grants have a very limited capability. This puts pressure on our organization to be very diligent in how we run our organization.

My mission in life, and the mission of others who work here is to serve this population.

This is my way to make a contribution to my fellow man, regardless of what I am paid in compensation. I’m not going to abandon my mission in life. I’ve learned to appreciate what we’reaccomplishing, and how patients appreciate what we do on their behalf.

James Richardson has been our auditorfor a number of years. He understands our organization and our mission. He loves contributing to our work as part of his natural approach of giving.

We love working with people who have his kind of a heart and dedication to our mission. He truly understands working with our type of entity,and we deeply appreciate his expertise and advice.

James understands the complexities both of our funding and of the population we serve.

He’s every bit as dedicated to our ongoing viability as we are. We must be very diligent in how we manage our resources, and he’s absolutely in alignment with that in all his recommendations.

When he first started to work with us, James was amazed that we had been able to take over a failing project and make it viable.

When we took over, the project was going to be closed by the Federal government. Instead, wewere able to plug the holesand turn it around. We made a decision to get rid of our financial deficit and build a new facility—a $16M medical clinic. With James’ help and advice, we were able to pull this off and now owe only $2.5M on the facility.

James worked with us in getting funding from the City and County of San Francisco.

He advised us on our new market tax credit and capital campaign. We’re now working to pay off the facility. James advised us on the appropriate accounting practices in margin and allocation of capital funds.He’s been a good friend and irreplaceable advisor.

James has a heart and it’s a big one. He’s always there to respond.

We can count on him whether it’s something to be reviewed, a question to be answered or special accounting for funding. His rates are fair and reasonable. His top priority is to serve his clients well, always keeping their best interests in mind.

As a 501(c)3 entity, we must accurately follow strict bookkeeping practices and manage resources according to Federal guidelines.

Records must be kept spotless and we must properly allocate and record income. We’re required to submit financials to funding sources. James’ business management is fantastic. We really count on him. If we need to make adjustments, he communicates it to us in a collaborative non-threatening way. We stay in compliance and have no problems.

How James Helped Us

  • Because James is so knowledgeable about 501(c)3 entities, working with him elevates our integrity. We work with high confidence in our financials, and the agencies we work with have that same high degree of confidence in us.
  • James worked with us throughout the planning for building the new facility. We had his assistance and could count on his strategical advice. During the building’s capital campaign, James played an active part in making sure we accounted for our resources correctly. In this kind of project, certain funds are restricted to certain uses in the building process. He kept us compliant.
  • It is a policy of our board to ensure that funds were credited and maintained in certain accounts. We needed to demonstrate that gifted funds were applied to the area where the giver wanted it. We strictly segregate such funds, ensuring they were not commingled with operational funds. James made sure that this was handled properly.
  • As auditor, when James and I have our end of year conference, he speaks to me in common terms. I’m not an auditor, but he makes sure that I understand what I need to know in non-technical terms. We look at the books, checks and balances, and financial structure. He understands that we need to safeguard the assets of the organization and to be transparent with the institutions that are giving us money.
  • I really have to give James credit about the type of support he gives and his ability to communicate. I end up feeling like we’re “doing it right”, and can feel good about that. We’ve nothing to hide and nothing to fear. The best part though is that we’re on solid financial footing to continue to serve this at-risk population.
  • For the 15-20 years that James has worked with us, we’ve had no audit exceptions in the administration of our organization. We do the things we’re supposed to be doing and do them correctly. If we weren’t doing them correctly, we probably would not still be doing our mission. If he sees a problem in the future, he brings things to our attention in plenty of time to be resolved.
    james p richardson2

    "We appreciate James Richardson as an auditor. If we can keep him for a lifetime, we definitely will. We appreciate his integrity and honesty, and how he helps us. We never have a hassle or disagreement about things. He does a super job for us, giving us the peace of mind we need to fulfill our mission. Thanks James!"

    − Charles Range, CEO of South Of Market Health Center, San Francisco

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