When You Want To Know The Work Of A CPA

…You Want To Read Case Studies About Clients He’s Worked With

Case studies gives a good reflection of a CPA and their work.

We’ve put together a small cross-section of the clients we’ve worked with over the years.

James Richardson Makes It Easier For Us To Serve The Health Care Needs Of One Of San Francisco’s Most Challenged Populations

South Of Market Health Center(SMHC) brings quality and heart-centered health care to an under served population.

It’s not easy work due to the multi-faceted needs of clients. Everyone at SMHC is dedicated to this mission.James brings a big heart to this work and through his compassion, guidance and care, creates a situation where we can stay focused on OUR work.
For The full details of this case study, click the South Of Market Health Center.

Sound Long-Term Advice Contributes To A Solid Financial Foundation

Providence Foundation provides compassionate and supportive services to The Bayview/Hunter’s Point Area of San Francisco.

They serve children, families, seniors, and the homeless. James completely understands the challenges of the 501(c)3. That deep knowledge shows every time he advises us on long-term planning and strategy. He know how to make the most of available funding and to maximize our resources…Providence Foundation Case Study.

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